Contribute to The Hard Baroquer blog

The Hard Baroquer is always looking for music experts to contribute editorially to the following sections of the site:

  • The Music Hub – for expert advice from those in the music world
  • Magazine – for musical general interest pieces and interviews
  • Featured – for artists that stand out from the crowd.

Contact if you have an article idea that you think our readers can learn from, or else drop a line to find out what upcoming articles we’re currently looking to hear from experts for.

Who does The Music Hub want to hear from?

For The Music Hub section, we want to hear from anyone involved in music that wants to pass on their expertise! Musicians (electronic and instrumentalists), gear manufacturers and gear retailers, music instructors, record industry professionals too. In a word, to guest post on a music blog for musicians, simply reach out.

What editorial contributions are we looking for?

We publish non-promotional, advice driven content aimed at home musicians and semi-professionals of all skills. Email the editor your idea, and if it fits with what we’re looking for, we’ll commission it.

Artists – looking to be interviewed or want to be one of featured artists? Email with the subject ‘Interview with The Hard Baroquer’ or ‘Hard Baroquer Featured Segment’ telling us what sets you apart and we’ll look at setting up a Q&A to talk about being musicians.

Promotional and sponsored posts

If you’re looking to publish promotional content or content with immediate, and guaranteed turnaround on The Hard Baroquer site, we want to work with you in a way that suits your requirements. Email to find out how we can cooperate.

For fairness to our readers, promoted/sponsored content published on The Hard Baroquer will always be indicated as such.

What counts as ‘promotional’ content?

Any content that isn’t made up unique, actionable, expert advice. Including, but not limited to:

  • Guaranteed same-day turnaround of any content sent to the editor
  • Product launches
  • Sales campaigns
  • Content that sends readers to a product page
  • New releases
  • Non-unique content
  • Interviews revolving solely around a new release

It’s not that we don’t want content like this, it’s that running a blog comes with its own overheads.


All editorial on The Hard Baroquer is at the sole discretion of the editor, and while we aim to publish content in a timely manner, external factors mean immediate publication of your article cannot be guaranteed. Editorial is free of charge, but also unpaid.

We aim to include one followed link to your site on in the by-line of any article we publish, but this is a courtesy and the decision rests with the editor. If, after a quick SEO check, we deem your website is on insufficient quality, it is our discretion to only include a no-follow link.

After you pitch us an article or guest post idea, we will commission it from you and set a soft deadline for the content (for the purposes of allowing us to schedule our editorial). Once we receive your content, once we are sure it meets our editorial standards, we will provide you with an estimated day of publication.

Passionate about all things music? The Music Hub wants to hear from you.