Ronnie Platt, Kansas vocalist

Interview with Ronnie Platt (Kansas)

Ronnie Platt, Kansas vocalist

I recently had the opportunity to interview Ronnie Platt, Kansas’ vocalist, for The Progressive Aspect – where I occasionally contribute reviews. Read a small excerpt below.

By The Hard Baroquer

Veteran proggers Kansas have a new LP out, The Absence of Presence, and in light of that, vocalist Ronnie Platt made himself available to TPA for an interview where he talked about the new album, the challenges of recording and touring simultaneously and what he expects 2021 will look like for Kansas.

For my part, I was quite nervous going into my call with Platt; I’ve had the privilege of interviewing many people during my career outside of music, but even in the case of my music interviews, I’ve always preferred to keep it to email, so a telephone interview is still new to me….