acoustic guitar being played
Take part in the Minute Music Challenge

Music has been more than a hobby for me in the 20 years that I’ve been pursuing it. And although I know I’m not a skilled musician, it’s gotten me through the darkest of days and I’ve used it to celebrate the most joyous of days, and I’m sure this is the same for many of us.

I also realised that it’s been exactly a month since I’ve left home for something other than going to buy groceries or to go to work, and even then, it’s been three weeks since I’ve set foot in the office.

I set up the blog to spend the free time I and so many other all of a sudden have, and now I’m taking it further: I’m using the hashtag #minutemusichallenge to keep everyone occupied and entertained during the UK’s lockdown and I want everyone to join in by posting a short video of their performance. Let’s turn this into a digital music festival!

So, if you play an instrument, if you sing, dance, DJ or even perform karaoke or lip sync – give us a performance! I’ll get the ball rolling with MGMT’s Kids.