Album Review: Protest The Hero – ‘Palimpsest’ (2020)

Protest The Hero 'Palimpsest' album art
Album art for Protest The Hero, Palimpsest

I recently reviewed the recently-released Protest The Hero, ‘Palimpsest’ for Abrasive Noise. Read a snippet below.

By The Hard Baroquer

Come for the music, stay for the story it tells.

After a nearly four-year break since their Pacific Myth EP, Protest the Hero are back with the beast that is Palimpsest. And, in this album, they’ve returned with a rage and a determination that I can scarcely describe.

The PTH brand of intense technical progressive metal that blends the virtuosity of power metal, the confidence of heavy metal and the ambition of progressive metal is as present as ever. Our ears are surrounded by time signature changes that are too many to count, complicated riffs, fills and soaring vocals. And it’s glorious.

This time round, to give their music an added element of power, they enlisted consultant and composer Milen Petzelt-Sorace to assist with orchestration. Making Palimpsest an incredibly symphonic album.