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Un-Cut‘s brand of big riffs and high-energy rock music means this trio packs a punch. The band spoke with Pana Markides about their latest release, Blue.

By The Hard Baroquer

Un-Cut is a blues-rock trio from Poitiers, France whose energetic brand of music blends 70’s style classic rock and blues rock with contemporary stylishness to create a high-intensity sound that will keep the listener on their toes. Their music encapsulates the hey-day of rock, with huge riffs, powerful drums and bold solos.

Made up lead guitarist Enzo Alfano, vocalist and baritone guitarist, Alexy Sertillange and drummer Pablo Fathi, this three-piece recently chatted with THB to talk about their album, Blue, which is out today through Klonosphere. The band talked about their formation via Zoom chat in 2016, their influences, being unable to tour this year and even let us know their dream venue to play a gig at!

Un-Cut Blue (2020, Klonosphere)

Tell our readers the story of Uncut

The three of us met in 2016. One day we jammed together for 45 minutes, we recorded everything with zoom. While listening again to the whole thing we said to ourselves that it was absolutely necessary to make a group because we had a super alchemy the three of us. Everything was natural between us.

We tested a lot of things at the beginning of the band in the style. There were some pop, reggae, hip-hop songs, and finally we decided to go for big rock.

What bands and artists inspire each of you? How do these influences come together to create the Uncut sound?

We each have our influences in the rock/metal style through Jimi Hendrix, John Garçia, Rage Against The Machine, Soundgarden, Pantera and many more. The three of us are simply compatible, there is finesse on one side, rawness on the other side, which is perfect for our band.

Many bands have had their plans thrown out due to world events… has 2020 been a challenge for the band? What has the focus been for the year?

Like everyone else we were impacted by the situation. Two tours were cancelled, we hardly played this year when we could have played a good twenty concerts. We made a video clip this summer with our buddy Julien Philips and we composed half of the second album.

Outside of recording music or touring, is there a routine involved in making music for a living and what is that routine for you?

We cultivate ourselves by listening to music that has nothing to do with ours, and that’s how we manage to create new songs.

Let’s talk about Blue – what were you aiming for in creating the album?

Our objective was simply to record our compositions with a very fat modern sound. We succeeded thanks to Francis Caste who is used to producing a lot of French rock/metal bands.

Can you tell our readers about the creative process for your music?

For the first album there were compositions that we found in jam sessions, then pieces that Enzo (solo guitarist) composed and then we arranged the rest all together.

Blues-inspired rock is a sound that everyone is familiar with and loves, and certainly from Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple to the Black Keys in modern times, everyone knows what to expect. How does Un-Cut make sure the band’s music stands out from the crowd?

The group stands out especially in live shows! Visually we are nice looking boys, but our lives will always be interpreted differently according to the place and the atmosphere. Have you ever seen a rock band in trio with two guitars?

There are many technical elements to your music – how important is it for the band to be a technically masterful as possible and how do you achieve this?

Well, all it matters is to keep reach out arrangement, and Enzo’s got a lot of knowledge of Jazz, always reach out some musical surprise or try to increase the riffing.

What can fans look forward to from you in the coming months?

Fans can expect a tour next year if everything goes back to the way it was before.

What can fans expect at Un-Cut live show?

Some songs will make you want to jump everywhere, others will make you laugh, you can cry too!

Quick-fire questions

Favourite gig/concert you’ve attended (as a fan)?

Pablo: One of my first concert was Gojira in a great place in France called La Sirene in La Rochelle.

Alex: I’ve seen Morcheeba, it was really beautiful, and for a rock gig, guess The Melvins was a big slap on my face too! Both of them was at La Sirène in La Rochelle

Enzo: Guess it was a Makala gig I saw in Niort near Poitiers!

What’s album stand the test of time?

Pablo: It’s hard to say just one album… so I’d say either Pantera’s The Great Southern Trendkill; Red Hail by Tigran Hamasyan or Rage Against the Machine’s first album.

Alex: The Clutch’s Blast Tyrant still put chills in me

Enzo: Radio Suicide by MAKALA

A piece of gear/equipment you couldn’t live without?

Pablo: My snare, haha!

Alex: Well without my baritone, I don’t know what I would do!

Enzo: That’s my Strat, my trusted friend!

What single venue would you love to perform at?

The Zenith in Paris!

Watch the music video to Un-Cut’s single, “Family Blues”

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