Android Deezer collaborative playlist

Deezer Delivers Collaborative Playlist for Android

Streaming service Deezer is letting Android users benefit from a feature it already has rolled out to desktop and web users – that of the collaborative playlist.

This feature allows music lovers to build a playlist togther with friends, family, colleagues, or other like-minded fans.

Alexandra Leloup, Head of Product at Deezer commented on the rollout, “Curating songs together is a great way to get inspired and to introduce more variety and flavor to your playlists. It also brings you closer to other music lovers by letting you share your tastes and inspirations. Even if you can’t be with your friends right now, you can create something that brings you closer together.”

How does the collaborative playlist feature on Android work?

To make use of the feature, users on the Deezer Android app simply need to switch on the new ‘Collaborative’ toggle at the top of any of the playlists you’ve made. This will allow other music fans to add tracks.

To start a team-built playlist from scratch, this is also possible. Users need to only head to Favourites, ‘Add New Playlist’ and switch on the ‘Collaborative’ toggle.

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