Pana Markides

Who Is Pana Markides?

Pana Markides is founder and editor of The Hard Baroquer, which he maintains when he has spare time from his day job, as part of an in-house marketing team.

He set up The Hard Baroquer as a way of having an outlet for his passion of music and also to motivate him to improve. Whether it’s had any effect is up for debate.

Pana’s musical tastes are as geeky as they come – from Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals and Disney soundtracks (the magic castle empire may be evil overlords, but they keep us in lime with fantastic musical numbers) to progressive metal acts like Dream Theater and Between The Buried and Me, and more accessible rock bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers (this includes the Josh Klinghoffer repetoire).

Musical knowledge, he has some, but is no specialist, since music has always been something pursued at home. Having been schooled in classical guitar at a young age, he also was educated in Music Theory until GCSE level. While classical guitar exams were a big part of his whole high school experience, concentration wasn’t and as a result, Grade 5 of 8 was the last he completed, having failed Grade 6.

Now, he plays what he wants and takes it slowly, learning elements of music that he had no idea about, such as home recording, and re-learning what he’s forgotten over 20 years.

The Hard Baroquer home music blog and The Music Hub are where he documents it, in the hope that it can be of use to someone out there.

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